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The climate today is one that is most favorable to gold bullion investments.

Gold bullion bargains.

December 01, 2010 – Black Friday shoppers would have been well served by keeping an eye on the gold bullion market. For two trading days the price of gold fell sharply by about 1.5% only to rebound just as quickly.

Over the long term the price of gold can be nicely fitted to a curve, often with little variation. That was the case this year, especially from late July until mid October – but then suddenly the price started acting like a Mexican jumping bean. What Earth shaking event destabilized the gold market? Only more of the same.

To be sure there were events we would expect to cause some ripples – a new gold discovery in Mexico, the EU’s bailout of Ireland, China’s approval of domestic investment in foreign gold, and so on – but nothing that should create the waves we're are seeing. The long term movement in the price of gold is very clear, even considering last summer’s rather prolonged dip.

The end of the year is frequently an ideal time to find bargains in gold bullion. Trade tends to slacken and that intensifies the impact of impulse trades, in turn creating short windows of opportunity for the astute investor.

The most important thing to consider when buying gold bullion is the true value of gold, not the price. The value of gold bullion is set by social and economic conditions that are very slow to change. The climate today is one that is most favorable to gold bullion investments as a safe haven, and there is not the slightest hint that the climate will improve any time soon.

When the price of gold suddenly drops below the long term trend of its value, it represents only opportunity for gold bullion investment.

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