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Buying gold bullion is the one winning strategy for the fiat money game..

September 02, 2011 – If there ever was a truism – and it applies to buying gold bullion as much as anything else – it’s that you can’t get something for nothing. Yet it is that most basic of human desires and it has brought us to where we are today.

Quite simply, you cannot borrow yourself into a better tomorrow. All debt comes with a price - everything you acquire through debt today reduces your future wealth. People are finally coming to that realization, and it is a burr under the saddle of the orchestrators of the great American pyramid scheme.

The hustlers need the little guy in the game, so naturally they have to let us win a few pots to build up the fever. Like carnival hucksters they need us to believe again so they can wring the last penny out of us. Without our money there can be no game.

Every one of us has probably spent five bucks to “win” a two bit kewpie doll at some point in our lives, but did we learn anything from the lesson? If we did, then why are we still attracted to the prospect of a free lunch?

Investing in general was never meant to be gambling, but rather a means to create wealth through intelligent support of superior ideas. But the concept has been irrevocably corrupted to the point where failure is rewarded equally with success. It’s a rigged game that strongly favors the house.

Buying gold bullion is not a very good way to get something for nothing. Speculators have been trying to do that for centuries and there have been far more losers than winners. Gold doesn’t make money, because gold is money. And that’s why gold endures while fiat money does not.

Any medium of exchange that can make more of itself – be it through simple interest or Keynesian multipliers – must eventually devalue itself to zero. Like any other pyramid scheme, the way to win is not to play.

Call it what you wish, but buying gold bullion is the one winning strategy for the fiat money game.

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