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Emotional dips are real opportunity for gold bullion investments.

May 04, 2011 – A sure sign of a sorry economy is when the death of one man, an event which has no bearing at all on the economy, sends the dollar up and gold bullion down. With the real truth staring people in the face they are still desperately trying to believe the good times are just around the corner.

But we are no safer today. The terrorists have had 10 years to prepare revenge should we kill Ben Laden. Still, it had to be done and in getting it done we have learned an invaluable lesson.

The strategy of the war against terrorism is not one of overpowering presence, as it was during the cold war, but one of supremacy in small engagements. This operation was a success because it pitted our best intelligence and best special forces against what we must presume was a small band of the Taliban’s best. And the task was achieved in hostile territory without the thought of nation building, conquest, or apology.

The point is that if we seriously want to get the job done we don’t need 2.5 million people on the Federal payroll in 823 military bases overseas. The cost of maintaining an antiquated defense against an extinct threat consumes far too much of our scarce resources.

We can no longer afford to play global referee. We can no longer afford to proselytize our lifestyle. We can no longer substitute power for production. And we can no longer tend more to the world’s wounds than we do to our own. If we focused on the real threats of today rather than the ghost threats of the past we could pull out of this quagmire and start a real recovery, all the while protecting our vital interests.

I don’t want to rain on any parades, but these are exceptional times and they call for vigilance and a strong, unemotional perspective. Gold is not going down, emotions are going up.

Emotions are chaos, however, and in the long term chaos averages out. Gold, on the other hand, continues on the same long-term trend.

Whenever emotions create a dip, it presents an excellent opportunity for long-term gold bullion investments.

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