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Gold bullion investments are the best insurance against the worst that can happen.

March 15, 2011 – Gold bullion investment is rapidly becoming less an issue of risk-aversion and more of something much more primal. Everybody has a different appetite for risk but we all are genetically endowed with the instinct to survive.

Unfortunately the survival instinct prevents most highly respected economists from voicing their real vision of impending financial and social calamity out of fear of sounding inflammatory and losing credibility among their peers. One highly respected author and free market economist, however has taken that risk writing for the Daily Reckoning.

Doug Casey is best known for his expertise in profiting from economic turmoil. He believes that “if you understand what's going on and prepare for it, you can do well enough” financially even through what he predicts will be “a time of troubles at least as bad as any experienced in any advanced country in the last century.” The real threat, Casey says, will come from the very bureaucracy we have created because Americans “prefer the appearance of security to the prospect of having to take personal responsibility.”

Bureaucracies ultimately will act solely for self preservation. They grow in size and seize ever greater power by spreading the illusion of benevolence. As our government burgeoned throughout the past century Americans came to depend on it to protect them from every possible harm. In exchange we willfully began to surrender our rights. And when 9/11 struck, we let fear dictate the hour and gave our government unprecedented power over our private lives.

“The US has been on the road to becoming a police state for quite a while,” Casey says, “and it's likely to go into hyper-drive … as the economy emerges from the eye of the storm.”

Nobody can say for sure how it will all play out, but one thing is certain: gold bullion investments are your best insurance against the worst that can happen.

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