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Gold Bullion vs. Dollar

As investors watch world and national events, it is apparent why investing in gold bullion vs dollars is advisable and, sometimes necessary. The recent disaster in Haiti makes this point two fold. A foreign aid worker was quoted as saying that, “Money is worth nothing right now…” This scenario is sadly played out all over the world time and time again as disaster strikes and societal organization disappears. The other factor is that the United States and other nations cannot, and will not stand idly by after Haiti’s terrible earthquake. Heroic relief efforts started within hours of news of the earthquake reaching foreign capitals; however, there are no great nations on earth that are not currently struggling with debt from the current financial crisis.

The United States is planning at least a hundred million dollars in aid and will likely maintain a presence, at a continuing cost, into the indefinite future. The cost of inaction may well be higher than lending aid; however, this all costs money. As United States unemployment numbers recently went up, the price of gold jumped up too. The expectation of ongoing, albeit necessary spending dragging down the value of the American dollar is driving more and more investors to purchase gold bullion vs dollars.

The national debt is over twelve trillion and counting. Despite efforts to get the economy going, the debt will not likely come down soon and if the unforeseen happens like it did in Haiti, a compassionate response will be running up the debt even more. For many investors this situation points to the historic value of gold bullion vs dollars or other currencies as a means of protecting wealth

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