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November 25, 2009 - If you are struggling to remain independent from the failure of our traditional investment avenues and you would like more self-empowerment from our freefalling dollar and economy, you are in good company. Millions of Americans have taken it upon themselves to learn how to invest in gold bullion recently, and these same investors have been able to balance losses that they continue to suffer in other areas of their portfolios. It is no arduous task to invest in gold, so as long as you keep a few guidelines in mind you can enter the gold market on solid footing.

US citizens have lost over $2 trillion dollars in the last few years due to badly managed money in retirement accounts alone, and this figure does not take into account the horrific losses that investors have suffered because of shady Ponzi schemes and government-organized Trojan horse spending programs. Historically, gold bullion could offset losses that occurred because of inflation and the devalued dollar.

Unless you are investing in gold within a retirement account, insist on taking possession of your gold. Physical gold has been valued by mankind for 5000 years, but certificates and paper promises have not. If you take physical delivery of your gold, you empower yourself and get a little bit of financial independence during these frightening times. Possessing physical gold will likely be to your advantage if our economy slips into depression, but gold bullion investors should remember that gold bullion has historically been confiscated by our government in times of national financial crisis.

It is not recommended that you vest more than 20-30% of your assets in gold, because a 20-30% hedge in gold historically smoothed losses in other areas of one’s portfolio. If you plan to hold your gold from 1-14 months solely for a chance at profits, gold bullion is the recommended route. If you are looking for a private type of gold that could outperform gold bullion in the log run, you may be better off in a certified gold coin position. There are many ways to get information on both types of investment-grade gold, so email us now or call our toll-free number if you only want the facts about how to buy gold bullion and certified gold coins. 

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