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November 4, 2009 – The gold price is poised to smash through the $1100 per ounce barrier, after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it sold 200 tons of gold to India’s central bank. This has peaked the interest of many US investors, who want to know how to buy gold bullion coins. It’s pretty simple, as long as you deal with a reputable exchange. Here are the basic steps to a successful gold bullion coin investment:

1. EVALUATE YOUR INVESTMENT GOALS – Are you looking for profit or safety? How long are you going to hold your gold before liquidating? Do you simply want diversification, or do you feel that our economy still has tougher times ahead? Do you foresee inflation, deflation, or the collapse of our dollar? How do you want your gold to work for you?

2. CHOOSE A GOLD EXCHANGE – Check out Better Business Bureau ( reports, as well as the Amazon Alexa ( client satisfaction index. When speaking with your potential gold broker, ask yourself a few questions: Is the broker a shameless promoter of himself or his company? Did the broker start making recommendations to me right away? Did anyone even ask me about my investment goals?

3. BUY WITH LOGIC, NOT ON EMOTION - If you have determined that you want a short-term position in the gold market, and you think you can see some quick profits, gold bullion coins may be for you. A reputable gold dealer can provide gold bullion coins for 6-9% above the active spot price, and they usually carry bullion bars for slightly less. If you want a longer-term investment, and you are looking for portfolio security in the event of another financial catastrophe, gold bullion coins are not advisable. Certified gold coins could do better for you over the long haul, and their non-confiscatability makes them perfect for long-term holds.

As you see, it is fairly easy to understand how to buy gold bullion coins and certified gold coins. Reputation is the cornerstone of the gold industry, so conduct your due diligence before taking and/or strengthening your position in the gold market. Or, contact directly at 800-300-0715; their friendly, trained specialists can help you make your gold investment dreams a reality. 

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