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February 9, 2010 – In the world of gold bullion, Johnson Matthey is one of the premier names in the business. Founded in London in 1817 by Percival Johnson, the company would become known as Johnson Matthey in 1851 when George Matthey came on board. Since that time, the company has become a multibillion dollar metal and chemical company, but it is best known for Johnson Matthey gold bullion bars.

While the company distributes platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium and silver, many people are familiar with the name for the company’s gold bars. Baring the familiar “JM” Johnson and Matthey logo, the bar also indicates the purity of the gold, the weight of gold and a unique serial number for identifying the bar. These bars are available in sizes from one ounce, five ounces, ten ounces, one hundred ounces, one thousand ounces, ½ kilo and one kilo.

Like bullion coins, gold bars are a mainstay of the investment gold market. The wide variety of sizes makes it easy for investors to purchase and store different quantities. Investors who hold large sums of gold may wish to keep ½ kilo or one kilo bars for ease of storage, while smaller investors may prefer the one ounce size to in order to make purchasing easier. Either way, the familiar Johnson Matthey logo and information on the bar allows owners to know at a glance exactly what they have.

Whether buying platinum, silver or gold bullion, traders almost assuredly recognize the name of this famous company and its long history. Many gold exchanges carry these investment pieces and make them available for purchase to customers worldwide. 

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