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Forget the Wall Street hare - gold bullion will win the race.

March 22, 2011 - Sad to say tricks, gimmicks, and the full support of the Fed have pushed Wall Street ahead in the stretch as the price gold bullion, which relies on true value and common sense, has fallen behind. Individual investors need to take a deep breath and let reason return. That hare ain’t about to win the race.

Those crazy days of 2010 with the frenzied swings of risk-on/risk-off retail investors trade are making a comeback. Trying to guess the next unfathomable market movement they respond as a mob racing into and out of markets. They drool in anticipation of the spate of new economic data coming this week, clinging to the delusion that it will have any real significance. But economic data is history, and as has been amply demonstrated of late, that has little to do with the future. So what went wrong?

Nothing. In fact everything is going exactly according to plan - for professional traders, that is. Individuals have to rely on knowledge, insight, and instinct to direct their investments. In a market running on the fundamentals that would put them on equal footing with the insiders, which of course the pros find completely unacceptable.

So over time the concept of real value has been removed from the stock market with the full complicity of the Fed. Now inflated dividends funded by questionable loans and cheap money trump real corporate performance. Huge ETFs buy and sell enormous chunks of markets at whim. And unrestricted gambling by hedge funds using super computers to predict the slightest market movements commonly drive prices contrary to their trends.

Until the market returns to the fundamentals - if that should ever happen - individual investors cannot afford to lose sight of the goal. In the end the race will be won by rational gold bullion investments and not the wild and directionless scampering of the Wall Street hare.

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