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Defend yourself against government blunders with gold bullion.

February 07, 2011 – Buying gold bullion is arguably the best way you can protect yourself on the rough road we will soon be forced to take.

The global economy is not going to sit back and wait for the Fed to come to its senses. Emerging economies will consume most of the $13 trillion growth in global investment over the next 20 years, says Bill Bonner in the Daily Reckoning. While our government has busied itself with duping its citizens into complacency over the past five years, those new economies have grown 85%. And every day news leaks out about a new twist in the repercussions of the government’s self-destructive policy.

“The sheer depth and duration of the U.S. job-market slump has created all sorts of unique problems for the economy,” says the Wall Street Journal. As a result businesses saw a whopping chunk of profits eaten by a 37% increase in unemployment insurance payments. In addition to automatic increases resulting from layoffs, “states are cranking up tax rates to replenish unemployment-insurance funds.” There is a lag built into the system but “the current slump has lasted so long that the tax increases are coming at a time when many businesses are still struggling to recover.”

Still, most Americans do not believe the economic situation is urgent enough to warrant making any sacrifices, an attitude that can make change only more difficult further down the road. None- the-less the time will come when we will be forced to swallow the bitter pill. Americans won’t play second fiddle for long and we have what it takes to fight our way back to the top, regardless of how bad we let things get.

Until such time we can hitch a ride on the expanding global economy while our government drives our own ever deeper into the hole. All it takes is an investment in gold bullion.

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