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More of the same is plenty reason enough to buy gold bullion.

March 17, 2011 – The Fed’s singular lack of success in reviving the economy is alone good reason to invest in gold bullion, but the growing possibility of a repeat of events leading to the crisis – and subsequent surge in gold prices – make it downright foolish not to.

In a desperate bid to get investors back into the equity market Wall Street has turned once again to the “controversial lending practices that proliferated ahead of the financial crisis,” says Nicole Bullock in Financial Times. In order to entice investors with higher dividends notes without the usual investor safeguard of default triggers and those that allow companies to pay their debt with more debt are being issued in record numbers.

Wall street rationalizes the risky practices by claiming that “they prevent investor losses by allowing stretched borrowers to survive without defaulting” – the same lame excuse they used before. Dan Fuss, of money manager Loomis Sayles, says “these are red flags for weakening creditworthiness … Deal structure is very poor.”

Meanwhile, the Fed seems to be leaning towards fanning the flames again. Although stimulus is scheduled to end in June, there is an “underlying lack of investor faith in the ability of the U.S. and world economies to keep expanding without Fed help,” says E. S. Browning in the Wall Street Journal. Even market bulls’ confidence is “based less on a belief in the economy's fundamental strength than on a hope that the Fed will ride to the rescue again.”

However, according to Rasmussen Report polls, the average American doesn’t believe in either. Two-thirds believe that we are still in a recession and almost as many lack confidence in the Fed to pull us out.

The stage is set for another collapse and Americans have no faith in the government to prevent it. What better reason could there be to invest in gold bullion?

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