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Are your truly prepared for societal regression?

July 22, 2011 – In the early 1990s the term societal regression was popular among sociologists to describe a disturbing retrogressive trend towards the tribal state. At the time they were mostly discussing the exponential growth in gang activity, but only because nobody imagined that in only two decades the phenomenon would threaten to spread throughout the civilized world.

Societal regression reflects the most primal instincts of human beings. When events threaten our survival centuries of advancing civilization vanish overnight. We will stop at nothing to provide for our families and assure the continuation of our bloodline. Even the most law abiding and upright citizens will get caught up in the Darwinian struggle.

This is not some far fetched Mad Max tale. The world is drawing ever closer to chaos as western economies struggle to hold onto dominance while their fiat monies are destroyed by sovereign debt. The repercussions are already being felt in the poorer nations, where food and energy prices are being inflated out of reach. With nothing to lose starving people will not hesitate to cross borders and will fight with all the ferocity they can muster for their right to live. As conditions deteriorate, the violence will spread.

Most Americans are dangerously complacent, believing that could never happen here. Yet social experts agree that social order would completely dissolve in a matter of just weeks following a major precipitating event, such as a cascade failure of the power grid, but it can be put in motion with far less.

The financial crisis will almost certainly tear giant holes in the social safety nets, if not destroy them completely. We have set ourselves up for a repeat of the events of 2008 but without the resources to get the victims through. With no assistance for food or shelter to be had, and no work to be found, civil unrest will erupt across the nation.

As food supplies dwindle crime will run rampant. Banks will close their doors and a truckload of greenbacks won’t buy you the time of day. You will become suddenly willing to fight to the death to protect you and yours and to acquire the things you need to survive.

Believe it. That is not some improbable doomsday scenario, but a realistic look at one way things might play out. The odds that it will are not so remote as you may think, so even the slightest possibility merits disaster preparation on steroids, including accumulating the biggest stash of gold bullion you can afford.

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