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The uses of gold bullion vary from person to person. Some individuals will get more use out of a one gram bullion “bar” that is smaller and thinner than a postage stamp, while other individuals will be making a better financial decision by purchasing kilo bars, 400 ounce bars, or even 1000 ounce bars directly from the COMEX. How, then, does one compare the different types of gold bullion and determine which specific kind is most appropriate in any given situation?

If you plan on crafting a piece of jewelry with your gold bullion, try to determine the exact amount of gold you will need before purchasing your precious metals. A gram of gold sells for anywhere between $50-$100, so do the math on what your jewelry will need before you purchase gold. If you are interested in the uses of gold bullion for investment purposes, gold grams and fractional gold coins could carry too much a premium for your liking.

Large bars are offered by companies like Johnson-Matthey and Credit-Suisse, and these items are the most cost effective way to buy gold bullion as an investment. Collectors sometimes prize fractional coins, like the 1/10 ounce gold American Eagle and the ½ ounce gold Canadian Maple Leaf, to complete a set, although investors who plan on taking profits may want to stay away from pricey fractional coins with outrageous premiums.

If you don’t want to make jewelry and you are not concerned with making a quick buck, don’t worry. While we can’t cover all the uses of gold bullion today, such as its use in computers and automobiles, we can take moment to warn those who may be wrongly considering a gold bullion purchase. Investors who want physical gold for long-term (14 months or more) wealth preservation purposes may want to avoid gold bullion because it is confiscatable by the US government and less profitable over the long-term than certified gold. To learn more about the uses of gold bullion and the uses of certified gold, get in touch with us or do some more research online, starting with our award-winning gold investment tutorial below. 

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