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September 25, 2009 - Gold bullion prices are affected in ways that many investors do not even consider, and learning as much as possible about what causes an investment to fluctuate is highly recommended. During tight fiscal years, only investors who "don't have any dust" on them have a fair shot at making some money. Gold bullion investors around the world conduct countless hours of research to ensure that wise moves are being made. In some cases, the U.S. government has a direct bearing on the profit or loss an investment produces.

Eminent doman is the government's authority to seize property in order to benefit the masses. All federal, state, and local municipalities across the country have the right to use eminent doman to take property for private development. Many properties across the United States have been taken from homeowners, but remain virtually abandoned for years because the short-sighted government failed to allocate the funds to complete the project. This leaves thousands of properties useless as the recession saps money from U.S. citizens. Eminent domain of another sort occurred in 1933, when President Theodore Roosevelt confiscated all gold bullion and certificates from American citizens.

Like property owners who become victims of eminent domain, gold investors were forced to receive a mandatory government payment for their metal. Dissimilarly to properties, however, there is a type of gold that is historically exempt from the government's outlawing of gold hoarding. Certified gold coins, which can be researched at, provide investors with a liquid asset that is completely private and non-confiscatable. Investors balance their portfolios with gold bullion and certified gold, and speaking with an expert from a reputable gold dealer is the best way to find out which type of gold suits your needs. 

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