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Daily Gold Bullion Update

September 29, 2009 - Gold bullion bars branded by Johnson-Matthey and Engelhard were hot items for short-term investors on Tuesday afternoon, as the latest news on the struggling housing sector persuaded some investors to purchase gold bullion. At the same time, the increasing chance of an insolvent US dollar motivated many investors to purchase pre-1933 US gold coins. Mounting fear over a second confiscation of gold bullion by our US government is the reason investors purchase the older, non-confiscatible gold coins, which are graded, and encapsulated by the Professional Coing Grading Service(PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation(NGC). Investors who would like to learn more about the 1933 gold confiscation, what to expect in the event of a second recall, and how to protect themselves in the process, should go to and delve into the award-winning, online tutorial.

Some investors believe that the real estate market could be poised for a big boom, but recently released figures paint a different portrait. Home prices are 13.3% below last year's values, and many real estate analysts fear that another 15-20% of home equity could disappear over the next four quarters. The Obama administration evidently has housing concerns as well, since they decided yesterday to implement a three-year, $35 billion program that will provide mortgages to low and moderate-income families. Critics of Obama's program believe that mortgages should not be made available to individuals who will not be able to make the payments, and that rising unemployment could place a large percentage of low and moderate-income families in that category. Another round of loan defaults and foreclosures could prove to be too much for the erratic US economy. Real estate-based investments, like shares in manufacturing and construction companies, could also deteriorate if the housing bubble bursts again. Gold is valued by real estate investors as an alternative means of storing wealth when plots and properties lose worth.

The gold bullion spot price is $993.90 at 2pm EST. Gold is projected by Wall Street Journal analysts to reach a new historical high before the end of 2009, and this trend could continue for up to a decade. The yellow metal is up 3.95% in the last 30 days, and as the transparent, sickening, Machiavellian tactics of the US government continue to wear thin on citizens' nerves, gold could provide exponential growth for long-term investors.

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