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October 20, 2009 - Gold bullion products were trading at slightly lower values at 2pm EST than when the market opened this morning, and some economists have called for modern-day gold bullion coins produced by the US Mint to surpass their historic highs before the end of the year. The American Gold Eagle is currently trading for $1129 per ounce, and the newly released 2009 Gold Buffalo coin is trading for $1142 per ounce. The US Mint recently announced that one ounce Gold Eagles will also not be produced next year, but a number of fractional coins will be released starting in December. The Proof versions of the Gold Eagle and the Silver Eagle will not be made available by the US Mint next year, which has ignited a buying frenzy for those coins on the open market.

The American Gold Eagle Proof has increased 24.3% within the last three months, and market experts believe that both the silver and gold version of this coin will rise sharply in value as IRA investors supplement their current holdings with this coin. The Proof coin is also highly valued by collectors and other investors, but the Proof is the only government non-confiscatable coin that is permitted within IRA accounts. Our government permitted investors to store physical metals within their retirement accounts beginning in 1997, and millions of investors have decided to take advantage of this change since that time. Some investors utilize gold bullion for their IRA investment, but many investors choose the American Gold Eagle Proof as well, because it tends to do better financially for long-term investors, as evidenced by its three-to-one return rate over bullion during the last two years. Investors who would like to learn more about gold IRAs and proper gold diversification should visit, which is host to a gold tutorial that clearly illuminates the path to a wise gold investment. 

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