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October 23, 2009 - Our nation’s policy-makers have been alerted that they need to act quickly to prevent our recession from deepening, but specific solutions on how to improve our fledgling economy remain elusive. Gold bullion products increased in value mildly today, because of the relentless disparity between the number of people who want to fix our economy and the number of valid solutions that have been implemented. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke put in his two cents this week, but the lack of a detailed solution from our central bank’s head is quite disappointing. "With the financial turmoil abating, now is the time for policymakers to take action to reduce the probability and severity of any future crises, " Bernanke said in remarks at a recent economic conference in Chatham, Massachusetts. Not only was Bernanke able to slip in a remark about an improving economy (was he talking about OUR economy?), but he also called on our “policymakers” to take action. Has anyone informed Bernanke that he, in fact, is one of these key decision-makers?

The Federal Reserve has been taking steps to strengthen its gross oversight of banks and large financial institutions, but the majority of their recent actions have done little to improve US economic conditions. Yesterday the Fed unveiled a proposal that would prevent top executives and traders from furthering their own agendas by taking unnecessary risks with clients’ funds. Unfortunately, with most government regulations, loopholes and design flaws have allowed CEOs, CFO, and other top dogs to maintain their exorbitant salaries, private jets, and country club memberships. In response to the perpetually apathetic news on these economic fronts, many investors have run to safe-haven investments. Gold bullion is considered one of these investments, and gold could continue to rise in value during the next few years. American investors will continue to eagerly capitalize on these profits, but the wealth preservation power of gold bullion is the prime motivator for many of today's investors. 

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