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October 28, 2009 – Internet searches for Englehard and Johnson-Matthey were up today, and this is evidence that more investors are inquiring about how to buy gold bullion bars. The gold spot price has increased almost $800 per ounce since 2001, and many economists believe that the upward trend in precious metal prices will continue until our government finds a way to control inflation and boost consumer confidence. Investors who want to know how to buy gold bullion bars should contact a reputable gold exchange that maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Gold bullion bars trade very close to the active gold spot price, and gold bullion bars are an affordable way to purchase physical gold. Englehard, Johnson-Matthey, and many other long-standing companies issue serial numbers and purity guarantees on their bullion bars, so liquidity is not an issue with these reputable products. Gold bullion investors should keep in mind that our government can recall gold bullion products at anytime, as they did in 1933. Our dollar’s weak state was the motive behind the original gold confiscation, and the greenback is currently suffering a similar devolution. If the dollar index slides further, US citizens and international owners of US debt will force the US government to shore up the dollar with a real asset. There are no other assets besides gold that can be taken to back up the dollar’s value, so investors who value their privacy tend to buy non-confiscatable, certified coins. Further research on gold bullion and certified rarities can be done at, where the Certified Gold Exchange has archived lots of valuable information for institutional and household investors alike. 

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