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March 25, 2009 - Investors around the country are looking for an alternative investment to stocks and bonds, and many are turning to the preservation and profit potential of gold in the form of 22K coins like the American Eagle and of course, the legendary $20 Saint-Gaudens. Short-term predictions are saying that a flock to precious metals is imminent because so many Americans believe that inflation will occur in our great country which could be unfortunate for assets tied directly to a fiat currency. Gold 22K coins could be an ideal way to battle this inflation and other negative economic events that may occur, and historically the metal has done exceptionally well during similar times. The upcoming movement in the market will most likely be related to fluctuation in the United States Dollar and the weakening or strengthening of our stock market. A wise investor could be doing his or her portfolio a favor by learning how to track other financial markets and then investing in 22K coins at just the right time.

Today the gold spot price is rebounding for the first day in four as the bargain-hunting buying begins yet again, bringing the current price to $929.90 per ounce, jumping up $3.80 for the day but still falling $8.60 for the year. Market fluctuation like this is typical, especially after the metal peaked at $1007 per ounce on February 20. Investors are eagerly waiting to see if market projections could become a reality with the spot price setting a new record high before the middle of the year. Can it be done?

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