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Canadian Gold Bullion

March 13, 2009 – Canadian gold bullion continues to increase in demand as safe haven investors began to flock into store of wealth investments such as the beautiful Canadian Maple Leaf. This increased demand is pushing up spot prices once again for the third session in a row and it’s mostly based on the instability being experienced with other investments such as stocks. Wise investors are noticing the fact that Canadian gold bullion and the metal in general is resisting any long-term declines and instead it continues to rebound in value any time a sell-off occurs. This is proving to be very attractive for those looking into an asset that can act as a store of wealth while at the same time profiting in both the short-term and long-term. No matter what the reason is for diversifying, precious metals like Canadian gold bullion could be a wise investment especially since so many people believe that their price will increase substantially throughout the year while at the same time preserving wealth from inflation.

During midday trading, Canadian gold bullion is seeing some small increases with the spot price that is currently at $930 per ounce, jumping up $2.90 or .31% for the day yet still falling $9.10 or .97% for the month. Some of the latest short-term predictions are saying that the metal will increase in value only if the United States Dollar and equities become affected by the ever-increasing inflation. It’s very important that as investors we keep a close eye on these external economic factors in order to purchase and sell at the appropriate time.

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