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Daily Gold Bullion Update

June 4, 2009 – Canadian gold bullion is becoming widely known as some of the purest and most beautiful bullion products on the market, and their Canadian Maple Leaf has become one of the most popular coins in the world. What makes Canadian gold bullion so distinct is the fact that all of their metals are mined exclusively in Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mint produces only 24-karat pure gold products as opposed to lesser quality 22-karat products. Many investors prefer Canadian gold bullion coins as opposed to other popular products like the American Eagles because of this higher-quality, which also means higher cost. Another interesting factor to consider about these coins is that the United States Government allows them to be placed inside a precious metal backed retirement account, meaning that you could protect your hard-earned wealth with some of the purest bullion available on the market.

By around 1:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, the gold bullion spot price has officially breached the $980 per ounce resistance level after tumbling more than 2% yesterday, and the metal is currently trading at $980.90 per ounce, jumping up 1.90% for the day and also jumping up 9.49% in the last 30 days. Short-term market movement with the spot price is expected to continue in the inverse direction of the United States Dollar, so don’t forget to track the Dollar Index in order to potentially determine the short-term future of safe haven metals. Also, the latest forecasts are saying that we could see $1000 per ounce by next week, so make sure that you finalize your diversifications before Friday if you seek to take advantage of this potential market movement.

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