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May 26, 2009 – Credit Suisse bullion bars are some of the most popular bullion products in the world because they are made of pure 24-karat gold, plus they come fully backed by the Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland. In the past few years, the overall physical possession demand for Credit Suisse bullion bars has increased significantly because many wise investors began turning to safe haven metals as opposed to the more volatile mainstream assets like stocks and bonds. The majority of investors who purchase these bullion bars seek short-term profit, yet they can be used for long-term wealth preservation as long as you do not fear bullion confiscation, which may occur if the United States Dollar approaches a currency collapse. This being said, it’s very important that you analyze your investment goals and needs before making a diversification. Bullion products have made many investors significant profit during troubling economic times, and you could obtain the same gains as long as you know how to track the market and diversify correctly.

By around 2:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, it appears like the majority of gold products such as the Pamp Suisse and Credit Suisse bullion bars are decreasing in value as the spot price of the metal falls to $953.30 per ounce, dropping $3.20 for the trading day yet still gaining $29.10 in the last 365 trading days. Short-term technical projections are saying that the metal needs to gain significant momentum in order to surpass the $960 per ounce benchmark before potentially climbing up to $980 per ounce and even closer to the all-time record high of $1033 per ounce.

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