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Daily Gold Bullion Update

June 25, 2009 – The ongoing instability with the United States Dollar and mainstream investing markets is causing many wise American investors to purchase physical possession gold such as the Johnson Matthey, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse and Engelhard bullion bars. This comes as no surprise, especially since history has proven that investors flock to popular gold products like the Engelhard bullion bars as a hedge from inflation, deflation and anything in between. The current fears that have many investors flocking into the gold market is being caused by long-term inflationary pressures that are lingering just around the corner when the Federal Reserve finally decides to increase interest rates. Several market analysts are projecting that history may repeat itself similar to the late 1970’s when inflation had reached a peak in the United States and the Federal Reserve increased interest rates, which in the end spiked up the gold spot price more than 850% as masses of investors flocked to the market in order to preserve their hard-earned wealth from the instabilities with dollar-backed assets.

By around 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, popular physical possession gold products like the Credit Suisse and Engelhard bullion bars are extending their gains for the second consecutive trading session as the spot price of the metal rises to $932 per ounce, increasing .67% for the day and also increasing 4.79% in the last year. Short-term market projections are forecasting $940 per ounce by the end of the week and $950 per ounce by next week if the United States Dollar continues showing signs of short-term weakness.

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