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Daily Gold Bullion Update

June 23, 2009 – Gold bullion prices are headed upwards today, yet we are only seeing a minor increase as the United States Dollar tumbles and stock indexes fluctuate between losses and gains. A very interesting gold bullion price projection has forecasted that the metal is currently positioning itself to begin a climb up to its all-time record high of $1033 per ounce, and this should come as no surprise, especially since short-term and long-term problems with the dollar are causing many wise American investors to flock away from the fiat currency and mainstream investing markets in exchange for a historically preservative asset. This gold bullion price projection also mentioned that the inverse correlation between gold and the dollar could continue as both deflation and inflation continue withering away at the overall strength of the fiat currency, thus creating higher safe haven demand as we have seen in the past. It is highly recommended that you keep a close eye on the Dollar Index along with upcoming spot prices because we could see large-scale shifts occurring within the next 2 to 3 months. Feel free to browse the website in order to learn more about the benefits and risks that are associated with gold bullion investing.

By around 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold bullion products are seeing minor increases in value as the United States Dollar Index continues heading in the downward direction amidst the latest short-term deflationary worries. The current spot price is sitting at around $934.20 per ounce, moving up .20% for the trading day and also moving up 5.91% in the last 365 trading days.

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