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Daily Gold Bullion Update

July 21, 2009 – The gold spot price is showing some minor downward fluctuation as many investors are currently awaiting further direction from the United States Dollar Index that is fluctuating between losses and gains for the trading day. Many wise American investors are still flocking to the metal as a long-term investment, especially since inflationary pressures could increase safe haven demand significantly down the road. The current gold spot price is fluctuating at around $946.30 per ounce, falling $2.80 for the day, yet still up $12.60 in the last month.

According to several market analysts, the gold spot price may continue to benefit from market instability within the next few months unless the United States Government begins taking drastic measures to prevent inflation before it’s too late. Many Americans don’t understand the true dangers of inflation, and simply by taking a brief glimpse back in time we can see the significant effects of this economic beast. Between the years of 1978 and 1980, the United States economy was facing a dangerous inflationary environment that was caused by excessive overprinting of dollars. Sure enough, the gold spot price skyrocketed more than 800% in those two years as masses of wise Americans flocked to the metal in order to prevent large losses of wealth that was occurring with dollar-backed assets. If something similar happens again in our current economy, wouldn’t it be wise to own a few gold bullion bars and coins before the storm? Feel free to browse this website for further information on gold bullion investing, and don’t forget to check the moving ticker above for the updated gold spot price.

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