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September 3, 2009 – The gold bullion market holds many different options for several types of investors, and that is why understanding this diverse market could be very important when looking to maximize profit and wealth preservation with precious metals. First things first, before entering the gold bullion market one of the most important preliminary steps that you should take is evaluating your investing portfolio in order to determine your goals and needs. Do you seek a short-term profit tool or a long-term wealth preservation tool? Typically, gold bullion bars and coins are best reserved for investors who seek short-term profit because as long-term wealth preservation tools they tend to experience more volatility in most investing portfolios. If you seek a short-term profit tool, then you may want to begin researching the different bars and coins available to you by browsing reputable websites like

Another important step that should be taken when entering the gold bullion market is researching the various dealers in order to get the best prices and service. You can do this by browsing, yet be cautious for dealers that are not reputable. Always conduct a background check on the company of your choice by using the Better Business Bureau reports ( If you are looking for a reputable nationwide dealer that holds a long-standing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, then you may want to research the Certified Gold Exchange (, which happens to be one of North America’s premier precious metal exchanges at the moment.

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