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Daily Gold Bullion Update

March 11, 2009 – Wise investors are beginning to flock to the gold bullion market once again after realizing that the lower spot prices are an ideal opportunity to pick up a few bars and coins in order to possibly profit and preserve their wealth in the long-term. This current rally puts the metal at an increase for the day after seeing some small decreases in the beginning of the week due to short-term profit taking. The United States Dollar also increased in value along with the spot price due to the fact that they are both commonly used as a safe haven method of investing. The recent rally in the gold bullion market could signal an overall decreased confidence in the United States economy, despite the recent news from Citibank saying that they are actually seeing profit during the beginning of 2009. In other news, the exponentially heightened popularity of the gold bullion market is causing some small long-term fear by investors who believe that President Barack Obama will privatize gold with an Executive Order just like President Franklin D. Roosevelt did in 1933. Maybe this would be a good time to diversify into certified rare coins that are historically immune to confiscation because of their rarity.

Today the daily market spot price of the metal has increased to $907.40 per ounce, up $10.10 for the day and also up $12.40 for the month yet still down $65.80 for the year. This is a crucial time to make the appropriate diversification decisions, so don’t miss out on the chance to speak with a company like the Certified Gold Exchange in order to protect and preserve your hard-earned wealth down the road.

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