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Daily Gold Bullion Update

March 9, 2009 – After last week’s impressive rebound that brought gold back up 3.6%, wise investors are checking up the gold bullion weight of their bars and coins in order to find out if now is a good time to sell. Although quite a few investors are selling right now, many are short-term profit takers that are not exactly worried about long-term preservation and store of wealth attributes. People should be aware that there is a lot of movement occurring in the financial markets at the moment, which could cause an array of changes in the near future especially if things continue to get worse. For example, the United States Dollar is rising again versus its major rivals while gold has climbed up 6.2% and the MSCI World Index of stock has fallen 25%. It’s easy to see that precious metals are thriving during this financial crisis and it’s important to know the exact gold bullion weight of your products in order to maximize your investment when both purchasing and selling.

Today the spot price of gold has fallen down to $918.80 per ounce, a decrease of $19.60 for the day and an increase of $7.40 for the month. In a recent survey done by Barclays Capital, they reported that the metal along with crude oil would be the year’s best performing commodities. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to in the market, and a short-term projection I read earlier spoke about the possibility of $2000 per ounce being achieved by the end of the year if the Dollar gets any weaker in the upcoming months. Keep your eyes on the United States Dollar and make sure to check your gold bullion weight before making a transaction with any company.

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