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August 17, 2009 – Gold Eagles are by far the most popular precious metal coinages available, thus knowing how to appropriately track gold Eagle prices is very important when looking to maximize investment potential in this elaborate market. There are several different factors that can affect gold Eagle prices, and below I have briefly explained these factors in order to give you a better understanding of what to look for when searching for the best prices:

Spot Price - The spot price is basically the base price that you will pay for your American Eagles. This price fluctuates on a daily basis as supply and demand pushes and pulls the metal’s value. Track this important factor by visiting reputable websites like and

Type Of Coin - There are two completely different types of Eagle coins, the bullion American Eagles and the certified rare Double Eagles. The bullion Eagles are purchased and sold dependant on the spot price along with an additional 5% premium that is charged by the United States Government. On the other hand, the certified rare Double Eagles are purchased and sold dependant on condition and rarity. Learn more about these popular diversifications by researching and

Dealer Commission - Dealer commission can vary significantly depending on the size, reputability and integrity of a particular company. When looking for the best prices, you may want to price-check several different reputable dealers.

If you seek more information on gold Eagle prices, try researching this website or visit

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