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Daily Gold Bullion Update

March 4, 2009 – Gold bullion pricing has fallen again today and many short-term predictions are saying that the declines will end soon once investors stop profiting from the recent surge to the market that left the metal only a few dollars shy of its record high. Today’s losses may conclude the longest losing streak seen in over two years. The significantly lower gold bullion pricing seen lately could be a signal for many investors to enter the market again for both short-term profit and long-term preservation purposes. It’s obvious that wise investors are seeking a store of wealth investment, and it’s odd to see that so many people still feel bullish about the stock market despite the fact that many have fallen to multiple year lows. In the end, equities are directly related to their fiat currencies, and in our case the United States Dollar is in grave danger of entering an either inflationary or deflationary cycle as a result of our slightly excessive lending. I simply hope that Americans prepare their portfolios adequately for any possible movement in the market, and this could be achieved with the proper diversification in safe haven assets.

Today the gold bullion pricing has moved down with the spot price that is sitting at around $908.50 an ounce, a decrease of $7.30 or .8% for the trading day and also a decrease of $55.80 or 5.79% in the last 365 trading days. Despite the downward fluctuation in the market at the moment, many market analysts and financial institutions are still remaining bullish about the future of precious metals. It’s historically proven that spot prices like to take a few steps forward and then a few steps back so let’s see where gold will head on its way back up.

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