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Daily Gold Bullion Update

July 29, 2009 – Popular gold bullion products like the Johnson Matthey bullion bars are losing value today as the gold spot price has declined to a one-week low based on a rallying United States Dollar Index that is occurring as a result of higher safe haven demand for fiat currencies at the moment. This is surprising many market analysts, especially since projections have forecasted that investors would turn to safe haven metals like Johnson Matthey bullion bars instead of safe haven currencies like the United States Dollar that is currently in the “hot seat.” Still, the gold spot price is holding strong above the $900 per ounce benchmark area, currently sitting at $927.40 per ounce, down $9.60 for the day, yet still up $9.80 in the last year.

According to several market analysts, the Dollar Index is rallying only because the United States Government and Federal Reserve have said and done nearly anything in order to prevent a large-scale loss of confidence in our economy. This only makes sense, especially since the financial crisis has exposed the vulnerabilities with everything from fiat currencies to stocks and bonds. Fortunately, many wise American investors are not taking any more chances with their hard-earned wealth, and instead they are diversifying into safe haven precious metals like Johnson Matthey bullion bars and other popular gold products in order to potentially protect themselves through the worst financial crisis we have seen since the Great Depression. If you would like to learn more about the most popular bullion products available for investment purposes, feel free to browse this website or visit other reputable websites like

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