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Daily Gold Bullion Update

February 18, 2009 – Johnson Matthey bullion bars have already surpassed their seven-month high in the last few days and investors are continuing to panic as the United States economy could get even worse in the months to come, more and more of these wise citizens are filling up their vaults with gold. Physical possession precious metals have become an undeniable trend and there have been many shortages reported around the world due to such a large amount of people purchasing bars and coins in order to profit and preserve during this financial crisis. In the last eight years gold in the form of Johnson Matthey bullion bars and other bars and coins have proven their investment potential as both a safe haven diversification as well as a profitable tool that has historically increased in value when stocks have failed. As more and more wise investors seek the risk aversion properties of precious metals, we could see significantly higher spot prices in the months and years to come like we have seen in the past during similar recessions.

During the midday trading gold bullion is at around $973.30 per ounce, this is a gain of $3.80 for the trading day and also a gain of $139.60 in the last 30 trading days. Short-term investment projections have said that the sustaining uncertainty in the global financial markets could lead to a significantly smaller amount of stock investors as they shift over into precious metals like Johnson Matthey bullion bars in order to protect their wealth from problems that could occur to anything that is tied to the United States Dollar. I wish you the best luck with investing.

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