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Daily Gold Bullion Update

July 28, 2009 – Pamp Suisse bullion bars are losing some value today as investment markets in general have stumbled as a result of a significantly stronger United States Dollar Index. Short-term market projections are expecting gold to continue trading in a powerful inverse correlation with the Dollar Index, thus it’s very important that short-term profit seeking investors keep a very close eye on the fiat currency in order to maximize profit potential within the next few weeks. The current gold spot price sits at $936.30 per ounce, falling $17 for the day, and also falling $2.70 for the month.

Pamp Suisse bullion bars are some of the most recognized gold bullion products available because their distinct Swiss design makes them the most visually appealing bars available. The Pamp Suisse bullion bars are produced with the finest 24-karat pure gold, and that is why so many investors refer to them as the “Gold Dream.” If you’re interested in purchasing these unique and beautiful bullion bars, it’s very important that you fully evaluate your investment goals before making the purchase in order to determine whether they can truly meet those goals. Typically, Pamp Suisse bullion bars are used by investors who seek short-term profit from the gold market because these products trade very closely with the daily market spot price, which basically means that they are only beneficial if you purchase them as a short-term asset when spot prices are low in order to profit as spot prices increase. If you would like to learn more about the different products available to you when investing in the gold bullion market, feel free to browse this website or visit other reputable websites such as and

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