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Daily Gold Bullion Update

February 17, 2009 – Pamp Suisse bullion bars are shooting up in value during midday trading and it’s mostly based on the larger than usual amount of wise investors that are continuing to seek a safe haven from this current recessionary cycle. These investors are witnessing the problems that are occurring in the equities markets, with corporations losing massive amounts of profit by the day and they simply want to avoid any of those problems by owning precious metals such as the beautiful Pamp Suisse bullion bars. Just overnight, this flock to safety has increased the metals value by almost 3% and if it keeps on pushing up a bit higher then it is possible that the record high of $1033.60 per ounce could be surpassed by the end of the week. Overall the two main determining factors that are driving investors to move into the precious metal markets would have to be the fact that many corporations are failing right now and of course that the recent stimulus plans could spur some serious inflation in the next few months.

Today we are seeing the gold bullion spot price at $967.50 per ounce; this is an increase of 2.75% for the trading day, 14.85% for the month and 7.30% for the year. As the metal continues to approach the record high mark, reputable precious metal dealers like the Certified Gold Exchange have been reporting an increased amount of short-term and long-term interest in products such as the Pamp Suisse bullion bars and also certified investment-grade rare coins, which have a tendency to be more profitable than bullion in the long run. I wish you the best luck when investing.

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