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Daily Gold Bullion Update

April 3, 2009 – Precious metal investing is becoming a very popular diversification method by investors who are simply sick and tired of the unstable stock market that could continue seeing negative fluctuation in the future as the United States Dollar becomes devalued due to our massive overprinting. Today it looks like gold bullion in particular is staying flat despite optimism in the United States Dollar and equities. Yesterday’s news from the G20 Summit in London resulted in $1 trillion that could be pumped into global economies yet again to aid them from this financial crisis. There’s also some optimism that the world economy has reached bottom; yet many Americans don’t understand the explosive inflation that could result in the near future. As of right now, printing presses around the globe are working non-stop to create paper currency that has no real value, and this pretty much means that the hard-earned currency that we already have is losing value by the minute. Fortunately, precious metal investing is a historically solid diversification that can hedge investors from such inflationary periods.

The gold bullion spot price is falling a very small bit today, yet losses are being limited by some new negative economic data that is creating light safe haven demand. The metal is currently trading at $898.50 per ounce, a drop of $5.50 for the day and also a drop of $7.50 of the month. As you can see losses are minor compared to the overall losses in global equity markets. Happy investing and don’t forget to begin precious metal investing if you feel that now is the time to protect your portfolio.

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