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April 17, 2009 - Many investors are now taking a look at purchasing gold bullion as the spot price on gold pulled back today, with the spot price at $870 at 7:30pm EST. Purchasing gold bullion is looking like an attractive option right now, as the stock gains that many believe to be temporary bring gold below $900 per ounce. The precious metals “day trader” and the broker who is looking for some short-term profit taking are looking to benefit from this relatively low spot price, because many analysts and experts are predicting exponential growth on the spot price on gold. While many investors in search of wealth preservation are shifting funds into investment grade certified coins, those who are not worried about a possible bullion confiscation are purchasing gold bullion and keeping an eye or the national and global economic scene. Gold bullion items like the Credit Suisse bars and the American Eagle coins are popular choices for the bullion player. Many who have opened gold backed retirement accounts are choosing to purchase some bullion coinage and bars to go along with their non-confiscatable American Eagle proof coins. As investors eye the bullion market’s fluctuation, long-term investors are looking at a chance to purchase the Saint Gaudens and Liberty coins at a lower rate. Of course, those purchasing gold bullion can always speak with a gold specialist directly at The Certified Gold Exchange and relax.

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