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Daily Gold Bullion Update

February 9, 2009 – Bullion prices could be seen on exciting upcoming weeks as uncertainty about the global economy continues to rise and tension builds about the outcome of our stimulus and bank plans. These plans that were composed by President Barack Obama and his economic team are going to be either accepted or rejected tomorrow by the Senate, which could cause some serious fluctuation no matter the outcome. If for example, the plans were accepted then we may see some short-term flourishing but with long-term consequences such as inflation. On the contrary, if the plans weren’t accepted then this may cause some investor panic as the economy heads into certain doom as a result of excessive lending and tumbling corporations. Luckily, bullion prices could thrive during either one of these occasions and have proven that they can profit and preserve wealth during either scenario. And the roller coaster ride begins.

Today bullion prices fall a bit, coming down to the area of $900 per ounce, an $11.40 decrease for the trading day and a $58.00 increase for the trading day. After reviewing many of the latest short-term and long-term predictions for the metal, I’ve seen that almost every single market analyst and financial institution is bullish and are purchasing as much of it as they can with hopes of making solid profit and preserving wealth during what is being called the worst financial crisis in 70 years. I wish you the best luck when investing in gold bullion.

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