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Daily Gold Bullion Update

January 30, 2009 – Gold bullion prices are seeing some significant increases today as investors around the globe are finding the profit and preservation potential they are looking for with nothing else but precious metals. Economies everywhere are on a downfall and the Certified Gold Exchange has reported much higher demand in safe haven buying as equities continue to drop and unemployment continues to rise to unimaginable levels. The majority of central banks are spending billions of dollars to save their currencies and this may seem like an okay temporary solution but it would most likely result in long-term inflation in the near future. It’s been said that the government can print an infinite amount of fiat currency but they cannot increase the supply of gold that quickly, which is why we could see precious metals and the Certified Gold Exchange thrive during the next several years. President Barack Obama’s $819 billion stimulus plan may be the last hope for the United States economy but even if it did work in the short term, it’s the long-term inflation that worries many people right now.

Today the Certified Gold Exchange has reported that the price of the metal is climbing during midday trading and is currently at $916 per ounce, up $8.30 for the day and up $35.80 for the month. Projections for precious metals continue to looking bullish and even the sceptical investors are purchasing right now because they know what could happen if things continue to worsen. Invest well and have a beautiful day.

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