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Daily Gold Bullion Update

February 12, 2009 – Discount gold bullion is being sold at a rapid pace today as investors grow more pessimistic that the economy won’t be recovering with the aid of our $789 billion stimulus plan and instead could result in long-term inflation. The market has been experiencing some significant increases in value lately and this is leading the way towards what many market analysts believe to be the ideal time for the metal to reach its all-time record high. The economy is without a doubt heading in the downward direction and very fast. An article I read earlier this morning said that the majority of people believe that the person responsible for the damage of the United States economy is the former chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. Although this may be true in certain aspects, the United States citizens are also to blame especially since many borrowed significant amounts of money that they could never pay back. We are now paying the price for our actions and luckily the wise investors who are purchasing discount gold bullion before it’s too late can benefit from the wealth preservation and profitability that they are offering during this worsening recession.

Today the spot price of the metal is up to around $948.40 per ounce, this is a $9.30 increase for the day and a $120.10 increase for the month. Discount gold bullion continues to increase in demand and companies like a Certified Gold Exchange have been increasing their holdings in order to supply the massive amount of investors that are entering the market. With such bullish projections for the near future, doesn’t it make sense that we invest in precious metals before it’s too late? I wish you the best luck with investing.

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