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January 12 - Daily Gold Bullion Update

January 12, 2009 – Gold bullion projections continue to look positive as the global economy continues to sink in an ocean of debt, unemployment and fear of further recession or possible depression. External factors are leading the way for gold bullion prices and the weakening Dollar has raised the metal’s investment appeal and the surprising job data analysis will further increase safe haven buying by investors around the globe. It’s only a matter of time before the economy gets to such a point where there would be no other choice but to invest in precious metals because it could be the only thing profiting and preserving hard-earned wealth as things continue to get worse.

Gold is trading at around $846 per ounce, which is a $10.90 or 1.27% decrease for the day, and a $36.40 or 4.50% increase for the month. The large array of economic problems could cause spikes in precious metals in the next several weeks and the latest gold bullion projections saying that the metal should be anywhere between $900-$1200 per ounce that could be a serious reality due to things only looking darker in the near future. Luckily, with the spot prices a little bit lower today and the gold bullion projections in the positives, there is a chance for more investors to enter the market while they still can in order to make their lives easier and possibly save their wealth from further loss. Keep your eyes on those external factors! Have a beautiful day and an excellent weekend!

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Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer - Certified Gold Exchange

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