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Daily Gold Bullion Update

February 5, 2009 – Gold bullion bar pricing continues its upward trend with no sign of stopping in sight as the attractiveness of precious metals as a safe haven and inflation hedge is becoming more significant than we’ve seen in a long time. While most stocks have lost 5 to 8% this year, gold bullion bar pricing is already up 6.51% and climbing. The reason so many investors are flocking to the metal is because of the unfortunate news that is arriving everyday especially the fact that unemployment is at its highest levels since 1982 and that the upcoming $819 billion stimulus plan could cause some major long-term inflation. During times like this, citizens have a tendency to invest in precious metals because they have historically proven to be immune to these difficult scenarios. The high-inflationary period that we may experience in the near future could result in significantly higher gold bullion bar pricing as well as certified rare coin pricing.

During midday trading the gold spot price is soaring to around $919.70 per ounce, a $13.80 increase for the trading day and also a $56.20 increase in the last 30 trading days. The majority of metal projections are very positive right now for 2009 but I’ve read these two articles today that have really grabbed my attention. Pretty much, if the economy continues in this downward motion for the next year or two, we could be seeing an immense gain in value, even up to $10,000 per ounce. Keep your eyes to the sky and invest well. Have a beautiful day.

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