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Daily Gold Bullion Update

February 3, 2009 – Long-term investment demand for gold bullion continues to increase despite a battle in price fluctuation that brought the price of the metal up during early-morning trading and back down during midday trading. Today we’re also seen the United States Dollar decline in value which historically means that an increase in the price of gold bullion is imminent, so we could be seeing some small spikes in value as the day continues. There’s also been some market speculation saying that the price of the metal spiked up too high, too fast, but what many people don’t know is that precious metals have a tendency to do just that when the economy is weakening and this is just the beginning of the gold cycle.

Today we see the price of gold bullion fall to around $891.60 per ounce, down $13.20 or 1.46% for the day but still at an increase of $16.70 or 1.91% in the last 30 trading days. Projections for the metal are maintaining positive and it’s been said that as long as the economy keeps on getting worse by the day and equities continue to get pinned down by corporate problems, prices should continue to increase and can even make some significant movement if things get even a bit worse than expected. It is very important to track the market as well as your investments in order to make the best out of these circumstances. Invest well and have an excellent day.

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