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January 7 - Daily Gold Bullion Update

January 7, 2009 – Johnson Matthey bullion bars along with the gold spot price come down a bit today below $850 per ounce, pacing losses in United States stocks and oil futures, with the falling prices reducing some investor appeal for the metal as a hedge against inflation. Even though most investments are suffering right now, it’s important to know that gold bullion such as Johnson Matthey bullion bars usually take a few steps forward and a few steps back due to being directly affected by spontaneous supply and demand. This is an odd time for precious metal investors because usually the United States Dollar is adverse to bullion prices but right now the Dollar and gold are falling due to fluctuation and uncertainty in the global economy.

Gold is trading at around $841.90 per ounce, which is a $21.66 decrease for the day, but still at a $69.50 increase for the month. The metal’s record of $1033.90 on March 17 it’s a sign that we could see prices come back to that range and with current projections saying that $1200 per ounce is a possibility, the sky’s the limit and this may be one of the best times to take the opportunity of getting into the market while you still can. With the economy in a state of unrest, this could be the chance of a lifetime to pick up some Johnson Matthey bullion bars or any other type of physical possession precious metals while the prices are lower than expected. Have an excellent day!

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Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer - Certified Gold Exchange

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